Mono Migration Analysis Tool: Updated.

by Miguel de Icaza

An updated version of the Mono Migration Analysis has been released, you can download this from here.

This new release from Jonathan Pobst has some important updates:

  • It tracks the API of Mono 1.2.2 (just released today).
  • It will automatically update to new API releases as we make them, so you can keep an eye on the progress we make as we publish new versions of Mono without having to update your Moma installation.
  • It optionally allows you to send us feedback and information about the software you are analyzing: you can tell us more about your product, your target and the time frame that you are thinking of to port to Linux.

In the last week since the release of Moma, we have received 524 application submissions, from 299 different IP addresses (196 of them were single submissions, 48 were two submissions, 28 were three and a few folks sent more than that).

Posted on 05 Dec 2006