Palestine and Iraq Books

by Miguel de Icaza

Just ordered three new books:

Patrick Cockburn's Occupation is a very interesting read on the occuptation of Iraq and what went on. The story is told from the perspective of the Indepedent's journalist point of view. Patrick's book is packed with interesting stories, but Robert Fisk is still a better story teller.

Mexico Updates

Meanwhile, Mexico is going back to the 70's style repression. With hundreds of "disappeared", tortured and a handful of killed protesters at the hands of the state and federal police and an incompetent new president whose only significant act so far has been to propose education budget cuts (he back-pedaled yesterday on his plan) and raise the salaries of the military.

Democracy Now has a complete report on the situation in Oaxaca.

Brad Will's (a journalist with Indymedia) was covering one of the confrontations between the police and Oaxaca protestors, when government gun men shot him. His reporting and in particular his own video where he is killed is available with subtitles in English on YouTube.

Posted on 13 Dec 2006