XMLmark and Mono Performance Improvements

by Miguel de Icaza

Atsushi has posted the result from his optimization week running the XMLmark benchmark. Very good results for a week of work, the graphs show transactions per second and the Mono revision number:

DOM performance plot SAX performance plot

See his post for all the details on this work.

Windows.Forms updates

Peter has posted an update to the Mono Windows Forms blog on their current work here.

Sebastien posted some nice screenshots of the new region code in libgdiplus:


See his blog for further discussion.

Mono on MacOSX/Intel

Geoff has been working on porting Mono to OSX/Intel, his progres report as well as the testing DMG are here.


For the upcoming versions of Mono, we will be splitting the gtk-sharp packages to reduce the dependencies that a given application needs.

So if you just use Gtk+ your application will not pull all the Gnome stack to run.

Posted on 03 Feb 2006