Mono on SkyOS

by Miguel de Icaza

Robert, from SkyOS, ported Mono to SkyOS.

On a separate post he talks about challenges he had in porting Mono to SkyOS. In the end he basically implemented the pthreads API that Mono expects, completed some kernel calls and got signals to behave like Posix signals.

The post is interesting for those considering porting Mono to non-POSIX platforms.

Xgl resources

For those of you which are interested in getting Xgl running on your hardware, check the OpenSUSE Xgl and the Compiz wiki pages for the details.

As I mentioned on the previous post compiz is a new window and compositing manager that must be used instead of your current window manager to get the most out of Xgl.

One of the interesting bits about David's compiz architecture is that the actual decoration for you windows has been moved out of the window manager into a separate process. Today there is one decorator implemented gnome-window-decorator, but hopefully more will come in the future.

apt-get on OpenSuse

I am not an apt-get user, but some of my friends are. Yesterday I found out that OpenSUSE (and SUSE) ship with apt-get, and that they can do their apt-getty-related-program-activities in SUSE just fine.

That being said, I am a Red Carpet/ZLM kind of guy (specially considering that the new ZenWorks client is implemented in, surprise surprise, Mono).

Posted on 09 Feb 2006