Mono and Fedora

by Miguel de Icaza

I just woke up to the announcement over at Chris Blizzard's blog (from Planet Gnome) that Mono today was included in Rawhide, the staging area for the next release of Fedora Core.

These are fantastic news for Mono users and developers everywhere and for Fedora users which will get both Mono and the various Mono-based applications that have been cooking.

Am looking forward to work together with the Fedora folks.

If you are a new Mono user, here are some useful links:

  • A directory of introductory topics to Mono.
  • Links our development plans, broken up by category. A good entry point into the Mono hacking universe.
  • Mono's Platform Support.
  • Gnome users will be interested in Gtk#: our binding to the GNOME platform libraries.
  • Documentation on Embedding Mono into your C application, to extend your application with Mono-based code.
  • Programming Languages that are supported by Mono. As your tour guide, I suggest you look into these tasty new languages: Boo, IronPython and Nemerle.
  • For those learning C# for the first time, I still strongly recommend the ECMA 334 specification: the first few chapters include a very well written tutorial.
  • Edd and Niels book remains a good introduction to Mono and GUI programming on Linux: Mono: A Developer's Notebook.

Posted on 10 Jan 2006