Google Hosting

by Miguel de Icaza

So Google today launched its source code hosting effort.

I suspected they were working on something along these lines, because the Subversion folks went to work for Google some time ago. You did not read about this, because I only speculated about this to Greg Stein, which would not leak one single bit about what he was doing.

Anyways, Gonzalo has been on a roll recently. He changed our FileSystemWatcher code to use inotify instead of depending on FAM and Gamin. See his post on the subject.

Google Sharp

And he also just uploaded Google Sharp to subversion (module google-sharp). With GoogleSharp you can authenticate your application with Google and access some of their services. The one that both Gonzalo and myself care about is PicasaWeb. The code has everything for F-Spot to start exporting my pics there.

Gonzalo has a web entry with details here and sample code to login, list albums in PicasaWeb, and upload pictures to it.

Let the Mono uploading begin.

Posted on 27 Jul 2006