Al Gore's new Movie.

by Miguel de Icaza

Tonight Laura, Duncan and myself went to watch "An Inconvenient Truth", featuring Al Gore as he presents his case for action to stop global warming.

The movie, which follows Al Gore through as he delivers the same speech over and over around the globe had everyone in the movie theather glued to their seats.

As the before and after images start rolling and the graphs and numbers of warming in the planet and the pictures of large chunks of ice the size of entire states start thawing the sense of urgency grows.

By the end of the movie not only everyone was applauding, but stayed seated as the credits and some extra messages kept rolling and applauded again. Few movies have that effect on people.

I highly recommend it.

Here is the YouTube Trailer.

Now, when I got home I Googled for the movie, to find the web site, and one of the sponsored link ads pointed to "Friends of Science" (not linking to them), which has a section on "Myths and Facts" about Global Warming. The section on Myths and Facts probably were strong enough a few months ago. They probably managed to make some people doubt the negative effects of Global Warming, but compared to the arguments put forth by Al Gore in the movie they just represent a radiography of the kind of shady discourse that passes as science and debate nowadays.

Some extra googling landed me at a site that has actually done a littble bit of research about who exactly these "Friends of Science" are, basically astroturfers.

In addition, last night we watched the PBS documentary on the AIDS epidemic (now you can watch it online). Both Bill Clinton and Al Gore appear on the documentary. After listening to both of them, Clinton very articulate and passionte, and Gore making the case in front of the Security Council on a health issue Laura turned and asked me "And this is the guy they tried to impeach?".


Posted on 03 Jun 2006