GUADEC for Latin Americans and Asians

by Miguel de Icaza

Rodrigo points out that GUADEC in Europe is an expensive conference for those coming from Latin America and Asia. Not only is the travel had to afford for those folks, but even if they manage to pay for it, their expenses in Europe are sometimes hard to afford:

People from Latin American countries (and I guess Asia and Africa) find Europe quite expensive, so for them going out for lunch/dinner with US, Australia and Europe people is unaffordable, which makes them having to go on their own to look for cheaper places. So, I think it would be a great idea if we had, like in Copenhagen, free lunch for everyone at the venue. Thus, everyone, regardless of the country they are from, would have lunch together, making it easier for everyone to meet and talk.

Anne had a couple of good ideas (or someone suggested this on the GUADEC list). They were:

  • Make the "E" in GUADEC stand for "Everywhere". Host the next GUADEC conference in Latin America or Asia. Travel to Latin America and Asia is affordable for Europeans and Americans.
  • If we continue in Europe, use some of the money to provide stipends to pay for some of the travel expenses for those who need it.

Posted on 30 Jun 2006