This Week on Linux

by Miguel de Icaza

Stetic Lluis completed the work in Stetic, the Gtk# GUI designer, to support menu and toolbar editing. His work is based around Gtk+ UIAction/Action/ActionGroup, which takes advantage of the new features in modern Gtk+'s.

MonoDevelop hosting the updated Stetic GUI designer.

Read his full blog entry for further screenshots and explanations. The code is available on trunk.

MonoDevelop and C# 2.0: on the same blog entry Lluis talks about the integration of SharpDevelop 2.0's NRefactor code. This means that MonoDevelop will now do proper completion and parsing of C# 2.0 projects (Generics, anonymous methods, partial clases and so on).

Zac Bowling: has two interesting posts this week: his progress on Mozilla embedding. His post describes his work to give us finer control over embedding Mozilla in our applications (in particular to implement Windows.Forms's WebControl).

He also has a very nice post about uses of Mono beyond running your application on Linux and tips for .NET developers.

Google announced Picasa running on Linux, I agree with Robert Love's opinion that using and improving Wine was the right thing to do for Google. Wine and Picasa stability and performance are very impressive.

Posted on 26 May 2006