F-Spot with PicasaWeb Export

by Miguel de Icaza

Gonzalo Paniagua developed a couple of new libraries: google-sharp to access a few Google services, and in particular Picasa and gnome-keyring-sharp, to access the Gnome Keyring from .NET applications.

gnome-keyring-sharp is a completely managed implementation, it basically speaks the keyring protocol instead of using a P/Invoke binding to call into native libraries, which is convenient as it is one dependency less on running applications.

Stephane Delcroix then developed a GUI for F-Spot to register your accounts, manage your albums and upload your pictures from F-Spot, the SVN version now has this fancy dialog box:

My first uploaded gallery from F-Spot is here.

Which reminds me, while traveling in Europe in July, I ran into the 12 Euro computer in a museum. I kid you not.

12 Euros, that is quite a good price. It is going to be hard for the OLPC guys to compete with that 100 dollar price tag, it has a surprisingly similar design, they also fold and they are also have quite an innovative design.

Judge for yourself here.

Posted on 02 Sep 2006