Lang.NET Symposium Videos

by Miguel de Icaza

Michael Lehman has uploaded the videos from the various presentations that we had at the Lang.NET Symposium.

My favorites:

  • John Gough on running Ruby on the CLR.
  • Mike Barnett on Spec# (Programming with contracts).
  • Anders Hejlsberg on the new LINQ extensions. A great introduction to the new data and XML processing facilities in C# 3.0 and how these are built on top of a few small changes to the language.
  • Dom Syme talks on F# and delivers a great live demo.
  • Jim Hugunin shows IronPython, this was done very close to 1.0
  • Jim and Cory on SecondLife. I absolutely loved Jim's presentation.
  • John Lam on bridging the Ruby interpreter and the CLR (different from John's presentation. He also pulls an incredible demo with Ruby and Avalon.

There are more talks there, but I missed a few of those talks (one of the talks uses Mono's C# compiler as the base for their research.

And my own presentation here, the usual Mono stuff that I talk about.

Posted on 15 Sep 2006