Ports from the Race to Linux

by Miguel de Icaza

The ports of the various contests from the Race to Linux are available here. There are two ports done with Mono/XSP and two ports done with Mainsoft's Grasshopper.

We got the winners for the second Race to Linux.

Here is what Jenna just emailed me:

Congratulations to Mark Cafazzo from Canada! He was the first Race to Linux 2.0 entrant to successfully port the Blog Starter kit to Java EE and run it on Linux using the Grasshopper 2.0 Technology Preview, Visual Studio 2005 and MySQL as the backend database. Says Mark: "The combination of Grasshopper and VMware made porting the Blog Starter Kit a breeze!"

The Race #2 winner in the Mono category is Rodrigo Queipo of Argentina. He used Mono's XSP ASP.Net server and SQL Server 2000 SP4 for the database.

Both entries duplicated the look and feel of the original application to the smallest detail and can be accessed from the Race to Linux Website.

Congratulations to the winers!

Update: I registered to download the ports and they run out of the box. You type run.sh and its up and running on Linux:

The Race to Linux site has the description on how the port was done by each participant.

Posted on 18 Apr 2007