Mono 1.2.3 to 1.2.4 Progress

by Miguel de Icaza

Jonathan Pobst just emailed me the comparison from Mono 1.2.3 to Mono 1.2.4 from the Mono Migration Analysis tool:

Mono 1.2.3Mono 1.2.4Change
Missing Methods19,10518,425680
Methods throwing
Methods flagged as "TODO"3,7343,69143

So 1,013 fresh new implementations since our last release.

Update: Jonathan pointed out that the numbers for APIs included internal classes (his tool has been fixed) and for internal assemblies or assemblies that we will not be supporting (VB6 support for example).

So the grand total for missing methods is 10,315 methods and not 18,425. I would fix the table, but I do not have all the updated numbers other than the grand total for Missing Methods.

From those 10,315, my senses it that we can live happily with up half of them not being implemented (fringe methods that are never used, do not show up in Moma reports or other relics).

Posted on 23 Apr 2007