MonoTorrent Curses 0.1 released

by Miguel de Icaza

Due to popular demand (all two of you), I have made a tarball of the Curses GUI interface for MonoTorrent as well as Monotorrent.

Download both:

Update: Some folks are reporting that the internet tubes are clogged. Wait a little bit for the transfers to start, am using the Coral Cache for distribution (another de Icaza Industries innovation).

You need to have Mono and ncurses (will work on any modern Unix with ncurses).

You must first configure, make, make install the monotorrent-0.2.tar.gz tarball and then repeat the same for monotorrent-curses-0.1.

Once you are done, you can start up this gem of software engineering by typing monotorrent in your console.

Posted on 25 Apr 2007