Dynamic Language Runtime: Let the Speculation Begin

by Miguel de Icaza

For the last couple of weeks news started tricklying over IM and email that Microsoft was going to announce some Dynamic Language Runtime at Mix 07.

There have been some hints on the blogs, some friends of friends of MVPs, some friends of MVPs and some journalists. The MVPs have been leaking like there is no tomorrow.

Am not very good at predicting, but here are a few guesses for next week's Mix 07 announcements, in my confidence order:

  • They will spend most of the time showing the new features in the recently released Orcas and probably the Silverlight media encoder.
  • There will be a fresh Silverlight update.
  • Blend and Expression Design will probably ship as a final product, or a new beta will be released.
  • Dynamic Language Runtime: a set of class libraries with some sort of supporting infrastructure in the CLR to help dynamic language authors speed up their code.
  • Javascript: probably Microsoft will announce that they are upgrading the JScript compiler in .NET.
  • Silverlight will bundle a micro-clr.
  • Silverlight for Linux.
    And if there is no announcement, we should try to get someone drunk enough to get them to do it.

The conference looks like it will be incredibly fun and I am looking forward to meet a lot of people. Lots of talks that I do not want to miss.

Posted on 25 Apr 2007