Mono Summit 07

by Miguel de Icaza

Last year we had a pretty fun meeting in Boston, but there were a few problems: the event was too short, and renting the hotel was too expensive and we also announced it with very little time ahead.

We want to do another Mono Summit and we would like to do this event in Spain if possible. The reason is that it is relatively easy to reach Spain and for the European Mono developers (the majority of the Mono team is European) it would be cheaper to fly there than to fly to the US. Spain is also a bit cheaper than other destinations.

I would like to find a University that could host us for a week of talks, meetings and conferences of the Mono community.

We would need space for about 120-150 people: maybe some conference rooms for a couple of talks, otherwise classrooms and a place to hack, discuss and some internet connection would be all that we need. This would be sometime in October.

My preference would be for Madrid or Barcelona as they both are well connected by international air travel.

Anyone out there interested in hosting us?

Posted on 03 Aug 2007