Progress on C# 3.0

by Miguel de Icaza

Marek Safar reports on the progress on the C# 3.0 compiler front:

This week:

  • Finished 3.0 type inference.

    Next Week:

  • Review and finish the implementation of collection initializers and anonymous types. They are the only remaining bits to have all LINQ components ready for the integration.
  • Pretty much all the C# 3.0 features are now completed. As Marek points out there are a couple of areas that still need some work (collection initializers and anonymous types), but we are in good shape to complete the LINQ support in Mono's C# compiler.

    JB Evain has also been busy creating a new profile of our compiler for developing Silverlight applications. The new command is smcs and it differs from gmcs in the following ways:

    • It enables -langversion:linq by default (so C# 3.0 is the default in the Silverlight profile).
    • Generates assemblies that reference the mscorlib (as opposed to 2.0 that gmcs does).
    • It references by default all the Silverlight assemblies. With mcs and gmcs we only reference System and System.XML by default. We felt that in the case of Silverlight we could reference all the libraries needed by default.

    The majority of our C# 3.0 support will be available in Mono 1.2.5. The recent developments (type inference) did not make it into the release, so folks will have to wait for 1.2.6.

    Posted on 04 Aug 2007