Nice Mono Testimonial

by Miguel de Icaza

Found this today, it is a very nice testimonial from someone that tried out Mono to port their code using our VMware image.

This is for ProMesh.NET a Web platform built on top of the basic System.Web that replaces ASP.NET:

I was a little curious to see how ProMesh.NET (MVC Web Framework for .NET 2.0) would run on Mono (if at all), so I did the following:

  • Download the VMWare image with a pre-installed Mono installation on SUSE Linux 10.2
  • Download VMPlayer (free)
  • Copied the latest ProMesh.NET source tree to the virtual machine
  • Fired up MonoDevelop
  • Compiled the framework... Works (well, it compiled)
  • Copied the ProMesh.NET demo application to the virtual machine
  • Compiled the demo app... Works!
  • Started xsp2.exe (the lightweight .NET web server for Mono)
  • Opened the index.ashx page using FireFox: WORKS
  • Went through the complete demo site. Everything worked!

    I was utterly amazed by the painless process of compiling and running a ProMesh.NET application on Mono, something I've never tried before (I did have some previous experience with MonoDevelop, but not a lot).

    This is pretty exciting stuff, knowing you can just grab your ProMesh.NET web application, dump it on a Linux box and run it from a Linux web server.

  • Posted on 30 Aug 2007