The Mono Summit is Over

by Miguel de Icaza

The summit was fantastic. The first two days we did a bit of internal planning for the project (we had Novell employees and contributors that day).

Although I had originally wanted to have as much empty space as possible to do some more Unconference style presentations, we probably had too much structure in place. At least we had some large holes between presentations for people to talk to each other (except that not one talk finished on time, which meant that we were always a few hours later to end the day).

The event was supposed to end every day at 17:45pm, but most of us barely left the place before 9pm (which was nice of them, to keep the place open for us until late). Followed by a late-dinner in Madrid, and a then some socializing in the hotel lobby or nearby bars turned into four hours of sleep every night.

Thanks to everyone that made this happen, and for our Ismael Olea who provided our logistic support at the event every day and Alejandro S´┐Żnchez that got us this beautiful venue in Madrid.

I hope that all the attendees got to talk to the team members; I know that many of you did, and I hope that we fixed your issues, or we came up with a solution for your issues.

Posted on 02 Dec 2007