Feedback requested: FOSDEM Conference

by Miguel de Icaza

This weekend am heading to Brussels to the FOSDEM conference. The last time I spoke there, Mono was in its infancy (2002). At the time the C# was about to be self-hosting on Linux, but was not quite there (0.8 and 0.9 releases).

Now, five years later Mono has gone through 60 releases and is made up of a few million lines of code and has spawned plenty of software projects.

The question is: What kind of things should I talk about in my two sessions at FOSDEM?

I have one general Mono session, and one session in the OpenSUSE track. Since Mono is so large, and there are so many interesting things being done with it, I find it challenging to find a good topic to discuss with a technical audience like FOSDEM.

I could do a general overview and give some high-level overview of what we are doing, but I feel that the FOSDEM audience is probably more interested in something more technical. So I should probably limit my presentations to two or three key topics.

Should I talk about what is available today, and what are people doing today, or should I talk about the future, and what we want to do?

Maybe the general session could be about the state of the project and where we want to go in the future; And the OpenSUSE session about the practical things that can be done today. Not sure.

What would you like to hear about?

Posted on 21 Feb 2007