Reflector 5.0

by Miguel de Icaza

Lutz Roeder has just released a new version of Reflector:

This time Reflector will work out of the box with Mono on Unix (no special handling or special flags) and will even detect the presence of your Mono libraries:

Recently, while implementing the second chunk of lambda expressions, I had to go through all the classes that derived from the Mono.CSharp.Expression and the Mono.CSharp.Statement classes to implement the "CloneTo" methods, and Reflector came in as a great tool to find those classes with minimal fuzz and without wasting any grep batteries in the process:

Reminder: the use of Reflector to look at third-party code is prohibited if you are planning on ever contributing to Mono. You are free to use Reflector to decompile Mono code though.

I would have blogged early this morning when the news came out, but I struggled betwen Consolas, Monaco and Tahoma for the screenshot. Solving the dilemma was only possible thanks to the extensive dinner discussion with Garrett and Jeff at Kashmir.

One great feature is the Reflector Analyzer to explore who exposes, uses, depends or inherits a given type:

There are no borders on the screenshots due to the way Compiz paints windows on the screen (a separate process paints the decorations).

Jackson has been fixing various issues in Winforms to improve the rendering. These screenshots are the result of his endless hours of work. Thanks Jackson!

Posted on 21 Feb 2007