Getting Ripped Off: A Consolidation Strategy

by Miguel de Icaza

Last week I described how international travel for an Internet addict can be very costly, 10 euros here, 12 dollars there 20 euros for 24 hours there and very soon you have paid a hundred dollars in a two-day trip on Internet access fees.

Now, instead of paying half a dozen people to get WiFi access, I have consolidated my "getting ripped off" with AT&T. Now they bill me an insane amount for getting "3G worldwide access".

Two problems though: "3G worldwide" actually means "3G in Boston, and 9600 baud modem speed in Europe". During the entire trip I could not get the "3G" light on the card to turn on, it consistently stayed in "2G" mode.

But just before you think "Well, GPRS/2G is not so bad", I want to point out that it took 25 seconds to load

Posted on 27 Feb 2007