OpenSUSE 10.2 and Mono VMWare Image.

by Miguel de Icaza

We have upgraded our VMWare Mono Image from SLED to OpenSUSE 10.2. In the process we fixed most of the problems that were reported by our Windows users doing their .NET migration from Windows to Linux. Please keep sending us your feedback!

I have also migrated my desktop computer at home to OpenSUSE 10.2 (my laptop remains in SLED-land for now), and here are some personal experiences.

Duncan improved my computing experience ten times by suggesting that I install the Smart package management system for OpenSUSE (Smart home page is here).

Smart is fantastic, and I like it a bit better than apt-get so far (still got apt-get installed, but I have switched to smart for my package management now).

The second piece of advise from Duncan was to configure the Additional Package Repositories. Which is a fantastic universe of packages for OpenSUSE, pretty much anything under the sun is packaged there. I accidentally ran into the "GuitarScaleAssistant" while trying out the smart search features. GuitarScaleAssistant: lovely piece of software.

Jonathan Pryor has also a blog entry on caring and feeding your new OpenSUSE 10.2 installation, which should be very useful to Windows guys migrating to Linux.

Posted on 06 Jan 2007