Blog Comments

by Miguel de Icaza

I just had a stroke of genius.

My blog software is this home-grown tiny program that generates static HTML, and never quite bothered to turn that into a server application for the sake of supporting comments.

So I was looking to host comments on some comment hosting provider like HaloScan, I signed up, registered but was not very happy with the interface offered to posters. For anything more than a small form, you have to upgrade the basic account.

The stroke of genius was to create a Google Group for my blog and just link to it. That way I get adequate tools to manage the comments, and posters get adequate tools to track it.

Thanks, thanks; you are welcome; I know!; yes, yes; I love that show too. You can just put your donation in the hat.

The open question is whether the comment link should only appear on the blog, or it should also appear at the end of each entry on the RSS feed, for the sake of those using things like Google Reader. Discuss among yourselves.

Posted on 06 Jan 2007