Assorted Links

by Miguel de Icaza

Aaron Bockover has a couple of interesting posts on the Banshee music player:

  • Scripting Banshee. Aaron embedded the Boo language into Banshee to help prototype, test and extend it.
  • Audio Profile Configuration for the Masses: in which he presents his work to provide a user friendly interface to configuring your underlying media platform.
    Screencast and screenshots included.
  • Radio Support in Banshee. Check his description of the implementation, but most importantly of his use of the Rhapsody Web Services to match the radio music with cover art, artist information and more.

Aaron has shown his craftsmanship in building Banshee, which is a labor of love.

Paco posted a few screenshots of Gtk SQL# a tool to interact with SQL databases using the System.Data API.

The Mono.Xna developers continue to make progress. Alan blogs about the progress here.

Jonathan Pobst will be joining the Managed Windows.Forms team at Novell on Monday. Jonathan has been a Windows.Forms 2.0 contributor and also developed the Mono Migration Assistant tool (Moma).

Posted on 06 Jan 2007