We did it!

by Miguel de Icaza

Today Novell announced in Paris that Peugeot Citro├źn will be deploying 20,000 Linux desktops and 2,500 Linux servers.

These are very important news. Linux on the desktop has got good traction with governments, but it is just great to see the open source desktop being chosen for commercial deployments of this size.

Congratulations to the team!

I know that folks have been working really hard for the past few months to make sure that our server and desktop offerings were solid and that they meet the needs of a large organization.

Congrats to Anna's team for all their hard work in doing the usability studies that made the desktop so much better, and all the desktop hackers that worked on making all those features happen.

For those of you considering a migration to Vista, you might want to see Novell's Compare to Vista web site.

Btw, I think someone should do a "We did it" animation like the one that shows up in Stephen Colbert's Colbert Report, as it captures the emotion of making this deal happen.

Posted on 30 Jan 2007