Porting your ASP.NET 2.x Application to Linux

by Miguel de Icaza

Marek Habersack has written a Guide on Porting ASP.NET Applications to Linux using Mono. This is a complement to Jonathan Pobst's Porting Winforms Applications to Linux using Mono.


In addition to the two Guides above, the Thomas from Frost Innovations (the makers of Ajaxwidgets has written a tutorial on how he run ASP.NET 2.0 apps on Linux with Mono.

AjaxWidgets announced 100% Mono-compatible Controls

The new version of Gaia Ajax Widgets now is shipping with full support for Mono ASP.NET 2.0.

If you were considering an ASP.NET control library for use in a cross-platform fashion, these guys offer a very nice suite of controls, and they will support you in Mono and Linux.

In addition to the controls, they provide MonoDevelop solution files and ready-to-run components. In addition to supporting the "big browsers", AjaxWidgets works just fine with Opera.

If you are an open source project, you can use those controls for free. For commercial projects they offer a commercial version that is very reasonably priced.

Posted on 02 Jul 2007