Runtime Sizes

by Miguel de Icaza

Mirco Bauer maintains the Mono packages for Debian Linux. Today a minimal install of Mono is quite small.

He has posted some details here.

A minimal Mono installation (just the basic runtime) is 2.4M for download and takes 7M on disk.


What was surprising is that a minimal Python install is larger (3.9M download, 13.4M intalled).

Not surprising is that Sun's Java (JRE) is 34.5M and uses 95.2M on disk. But this is just because its an all-or-nothing installation due to licensing. A full Mono installation is 27M and takes up 78M on disk (this is with symbols stripped, with symbols that goes to 32.7M for download and 107M after unpacking).

Mono is somewhere in between the JRE and the JDK. Our "complete" package includes the runtime, plus our development kit but does not include documentation, that is separate.

If we pull in Gnome#, Gtk# and the Mono documentation browser and XSP (with all of their deps) it goes up to 84M for download and 250M installed.

Mirco has some stats for the various other open source Java VMs as well.

Silverlight/Moonlight size

Just looking at the native libraries that we will have to ship with Moonlight/Silverlight I estimate that we will need about 7 megs of disk space plus any other native libraries that we might end up linking statically (Cairo most likely) plus the Dynamic Language Runtime + compilers when they are ready (another 3-4 megs).

Compressed it will likely come down to 4-5 megs, so our Silverlight implementation for Linux will likely be in the 8M-9M range for the download.


We know that some products like OTee's Unity ship a stripped down version of Mono for the generated games they produce.

A friend mentioned that Cisco's DVD documentation ships with Mono and Mono's ASP.NET server (Sadly, Windows-only). Can anyone confirm this?

Posted on 08 Jul 2007