Paris, June 21st

by Miguel de Icaza

Bon jour France!

I will be attending a replay of Microsoft Mix'07 in Paris on June 21st at Le Cirque d'hiver.

We are working around the clock to demo Silverlight on Linux (our own open source version of it).

You can track the progress in our screenshots page. It would be best if I could figure out how to make a video of it so you could see what we have come up with so far (Atsushi Enomoto, Chris Toshok, Everaldo Canuto, Jackson Harper, Jeff Stedfast, Rolf Bjarne, Sebastien Pouliot and myself).

Question: Whats the hip thing to use to record video on Linux these days? Many years ago I used a tool that generated flash files but I do not remember what it was nor where in the machine it lives.

Spare time: I got some time to kill on the 20th and the 22nd, and the morning of the 23rd, anyone interested in getting together and discuss all things Mono, Linux, Gnome?

Posted on 07 Jun 2007