Government Spies

by Miguel de Icaza

What I found fascinating about the accidental leak of the intelligence agencies in the US was not the dollar amount (48 billion, 60 billion, to me they are just very large numbers) but the poor quality of the powerpoint presentation.

I wont rehash the argument that powerpoint presentations are bad, we all know that by now, but the unclassified data is fairly revealing.

Slides like this look like a 13-year old shrine to their crush.

That slide is an embarrassment to the whole human species. Someone please hide that before the aliens invade or we will lose our chances of being taken seriously.

It seems like the agencies are a few cycles behind the latest computing fads. I fully expect the CIA to launch a "Extreme Spying" program next year: two spies working together to spy, fund some militant group or torture while the one making side comments and writing tests.

Posted on 10 Jun 2007