Paris Dinner

by Miguel de Icaza

Jetlag caused me to not get any good sleep in my trip to Paris. On Friday I was woken up at 3:30pm by the hotel staff asking whether they could clean the room. Oops. I overslept.

That afternoon I met with Mono contributor Olivier Dufour (Winforms GUI for Bitsharp/MonoTorrent, and more recently the author of our new Javascript engine for Moonlight) and with Fabrice Bellard.

I am a fan of Fabrice Bellard since he wrote lzexe on the DOS days. He later wrote the smallest C compiler, then Tiny C Compiler, QEMU, FFMPEG and many other wonderful hacks.

Olivier blogged our dinner with Guy Lunardi from Novell here.

It was a pleasure to interrogate them about their hacking projects and to get the history behind Fabrice's projects.

Posted on 23 Jun 2007