Mono JIT Developer.

by Miguel de Icaza

We are looking for a developer to work on Mono's JIT engine.

What: We are looking for someone that would be interested in porting the Ahead-of-Time compilation engine in Mono for ARM processors and look at improving Mono startup performance on small devices.

You would work on both the virtual machine and the class libraries to improve performance and reduce memory usage for embedded systems.

Experience with assembly language, compilers, virtual machines, performance and garbage collectors will be useful, but it is not necessary. We are looking for a talented individual that is not scared by hard tasks.

How: If you are interested, email me, you will later receive a challenging interview to respond to.

Where: You can either work in the Boston office, or from home.

Why: Because we got a fantastic logo, which is much better than Microsoft's logo for .NET and working on Mono is a blast.

Posted on 09 Mar 2007