Mono and the Google Summer of Code

by Miguel de Icaza

The Google Summer of Code has started. Students interested in participating in the Summer of Code need to submit their applications in the next ten days.

Some ideas of interesting things that can be done with Mono are available in our Student Projects page.

If you think that you have a good idea for a project to be implemented for Mono, but is not listed on that page, feel free to submit your idea.

We are looking at improving Mono's OSX support (Winforms, debugger support, improving Cocoa#); new ports and improving existing Mono ports; Profiling Mono, Gtk#, MonoDevelop; low-level optimizations; New Windows.Forms widgets; Work on 3.0 components and libraries; Improving MonoDevelop and creating new C# class libraries for Mono.

Other Apps: We are also interested in tasks improving popular Mono-based applications for the desktop to showcase how great building applications with Mono is. Make sure you send your submission on time.

Posted on 15 Mar 2007