Lame Blog: The Official Entry

by Miguel de Icaza

This is the official blog entry for the spicy Lame Blog an under-powered, static content, C# and rsync based blog system.

LameBlog is powered by almost nothing, the idea is that you edit text files with your favorite text editor on your computer, and when you feel like publishing your blog entries you type "make push".

Configuration of LameBlog is done through an XML file and editing a Makefile. It contains enough so you can hook reddit/digg and plug your Google Analytics, Google Reader sharing and to do posts with Google groups.

Ismael Olea has modified LameBlog for using Haloscan for comments and include a bunch of "flag me as a cool cat" options.

To download LameBlog, click on "download as tarball" on the link above, read the README file for details on how to install this.

Update: folks, I need your help. Please link to this blog entry, there are tons of Google matches for "Lame Blog", but only a piece of software deserves to be at the top spot, not some lame entry about blogging.

Posted on 24 Mar 2007