First Race to Linux, Winners

by Miguel de Icaza

Lam Loune is the winner of our first Race to Linux. Lam is from Australia and ported Microsoft's Small Business Starter Kit to Linux.

Lam picked Mono and XSP to do the port, he completed the port in five hours and twenty six minutes (5:26) since the race started.

Hector Ramirez from Mexico was the first to port the Small Business Starter Kit to Linux using Grasshopper (so the software runs on a Java VM). Sorry, I do not have the time for this one.

They both won Wii's.

The Small Business Starter Kit is a sample ASP.NET 2.0 application that Microsoft distributes for people to study the patterns and best practices while developing a web application.

This race shows that although Mono and Grasshopper do not have a 100% coverage for the entire application stack, it is possible to port most ASP.NET code out there.

And its also interesting that the port was done by two newcomers to Mono.

Check the Race to Linux page for upcoming articles describing how these applications were ported.

Congratulations to Hector and Lam, and good luck for the folks on the second Race!

Posted on 31 Mar 2007