Compiler Lab Meeting at Microsoft

by Miguel de Icaza

I will be arriving at noon to Redmond on Sunday and spend Monday and Tuesday (skipping Wednesday) at the Compiler Lab meeting at Microsoft.

Drop me a note if you want to get together on Sunday afternoon or swing by and say hi during the meeting.

Rodrigo de Oliveira from Boo fame and JB Evain will be both there as well.

Mono and the Dynamic Language Runtime (DLR)

Thanks to Zoltan Varga, Marek Safar and Sanghyeon Seo it is now possible to run the Dynamic Language Runtime in Mono and run the new DLR-based IronPython 2.0 in Mono.

Update: Mono already supports the pre-Alpha releases of IronPython and has for a long time. What is different is that this is the DLR-based IronPython.

The changes did not make it into Mono 1.2.4 (Mono 1.2.4 was branched before MIX 07 even started, or the DLR was announced). So you will need to build Mono from the source on SVN or wait for Mono 1.2.5 to include the fixes.

Posted on 17 May 2007