Rob Connery Interviewed

by Miguel de Icaza

In this interview Rob Connery explains how he came up with SubSonic. A tool that helps developers build applications:

That someday came when I was refactoring the Commerce Starter Kit, trying to leverage as much Data access code into the base classes as I could. I was using generics in a way that they probably weren’t designed to be used, but in the process I stumbled on a really cool pattern for generating very little code for a full data access layer. When I first got it to work I literally jumped out of my chair, swearing to myself.

I gave it about 2 weeks and tested and tested and when it didn’t break or slow down, I remember thinking "I’ve got something here!". I had been doing some Ruby/Rails stuff at the time, and I had the idea that much of that ΄love‘ could be brought over to the ASP world. Although the real joy of Rails is the language Ruby - but maybe someday RubyCLR will be finished (or some other dynamic language package for .NET) and that’s when I think SubSonic will come into it’s own.

Through Phil Haack

Once Subsonic runs on Mono, we should integrate it into MonoDevelop. Rob did a great demo of it at Mix.

Posted on 22 May 2007