Google Summer of Code: Database Support in MonoDevelop

by Miguel de Icaza

Over the summer Ben Motmans rewrote the database support in MonoDevelop. Working with Ben was a pleasure.

Part of the challenge was that I personally had no idea what it is that people do with these database UIs. My contact with databases is so bad that about once a year I google up the instructions to setup Postgres again, and figure out my login, password and connection string followed up by extensive cut-and-pasting of "CREATE" statements until I have something that roughly can store a few values.

His work has now been integrated in the First MonoDevelop Beta release.

Query Result and Database Explorer

Alter Table

Creating a SQLite connection.

This Database Add-in replaces the old Mono.Query add-in, and will hopefully continue to improve to have a central location for all of your database needs.

Posted on 01 Oct 2007