Moonlight Follow-Up

by Miguel de Icaza

After my last post, Matt Asay and myself exchanged a few emails regarding Novell and open source. And Matt posted a very nice follow up: "80% on Novell" on his blog about Novell and our involvement in open source, so some good came out of this:

Net net: I'm going to work on seeing Novell with less bite and more neutrality. It's admittedly very hard for me.

His post is difficult to quote without removing too much context and doing justice to it, so you should read it yourself.

Simon engadged in a lengthy discussion on my blog's comments on Google Group here and here.

We exchanged platitudes and concluded that patents are bad (shocking, I know) and that the "system" is far from optimal (second shock). We both agreed that Sticking it to the Man was a worthy goal.

Posted on 09 Sep 2007