Dave Winer Posts

by Miguel de Icaza

Dave Winer has a couple of great posts on the campaign:

Here he points out:

Most of what Chris Matthews says is mindless trash, but today he pulled out a great analogy immediately after Ted Kennedy's stirring endorsement of Obama.

He compared Hillary Clinton to the character Salieri in the movie Amadeus. Until Mozart came along he was the leading composer in Vienna, but he was just a workman, a technician. Mozart had inspiration, feeling, the spirit. Salieri, even though he lived a long life and Mozart died young, is a footnote to Mozart's lasting greatness.

Matthews nailed it.

This is a great nugget that encapsulates perfectly how I feel about Hillary.

Dave also wrote: Bill Clinton as Trent Lott 2.0, some parts that I liked:

It was an interesting election until the Clintons started calling Obama the nice young African-American candidate.


The problem for Clinton is actually much worse, we now saw how she'd govern. Let's say a young African-American Senator from Illiinois got in the way. Would she argue the issues with him in a respectful way? Why bother when you can smear him into silence.


What a fantastic way to recover from Bush, who so completely represented the greed and arrogance and uglyness of America, to reinvent ourselves in the image of our best, in the image of hope.

(Emphasis added).

Posted on 01 Feb 2008