Plastic 2.0 Preview

by Miguel de Icaza

The guys at Codice Software have just announced the release of their Plastic 2.0 Preview.

Plastic is a cross-platform, distributed source code control management system that has a few interesting features like visualization and it integrates into a number of IDEs.

This is a Windows.Forms application that was originally built for Windows and they have created their own look and feel across multiple platforms. Here is Plastic running on a Mac with our new native drivers for OSX:

And this one is showing their diff tool on Linux:

We are very excited to see a happy Mono user making their software available on new platforms.

For a full tour of the new features see their blog entry.

You can test drive Plastic with their VMware image.

The Plastic guys are great in that they provide great bug reports and are working with our Windows.Forms team to iron out some of the wrinkles in our Windows.Forms implementation.

Posted on 03 Jan 2008