Obama Fund Raising

by Miguel de Icaza

My friend Nat Friedman is raising funds for the Obama Campaign. If you are an American Citizen or a permanent US resident, please consider donating to Obama's campaign through Nat's fundraiser page (all the money goes to Obama, and you help Nat with his personal fund raising goal).

Although am myself a Kucinichista myself, I also supported Obama's campaign by donating to Nat's fundraising effort.

As readers of this blog know, am not a fan of the policies of the last seven years, and as an extension, not really a fan of the republicans.

On the democratic side, I just can not agree with Hillary on anything.

I have been personally bothered by Hillary Clinton since this March 2003 incident in which she walked out on the Code Pink girls and was parroting the administration party line.

These days those that voted for that disastrous war claim that they were "tricked" into voting for it. But like some comedian said recently, "All these democratic candidates claim that they were tricked into War by President Bush. [...] but if you are a person that can be tricked by President Bush you are not presidential material".

This Flash animation from November 2002 turned out to be prophetic and right on the spot.

Chomsky turned out to be right: September 2002 interview.

Fisk turned out to be right: September 2002 interview.

The French and the Germans turned out to be right as well.

The facts were there for anyone to see.

Nat recently pointed out that Obama did not rush to "support the President" like every other drone did. He made a conscious decision at a time when it was not popular to oppose the crooks and liars at the White House.

Posted on 17 Jan 2008