Moonlight 0.7 is now Available

by Miguel de Icaza

A new release of Moonlight is now available. The team has been working very hard on improving the performance of Moonlight as well as improving our compatibility with Microsoft's Silverlight.

Get your copy here. Source code is moon-0.7.tar.bz2.

This release will also work with both Firefox 2.0 and Firefox 3.0. We have also switched our installation system to use signed XPIs, but we will also require a browser restart (we could not figure out a way of avoiding this).

Some of my favorite work that happened on this cycle is the effort to improve our multi-browser support, work towards supporting WebKit and Opera is underway and will improve over time. This work benefitted from our own work to support both Firefox 2.0 and 3.0 in the plugin.

Windowless mode (the mode that allows blending of HTML content and Silverlight content) is vastly improved but is only available on Firefox 3.0. This is a feature that is used extensively by Silverlight designers.

More details from the release:

  • Webkit loads the plugin (kangaroo, lewing)
  • The stream/downloader/request/response logic (used for downloading media) has been been almost entirely moved from the browser bridges into libmoon, with the browsers providing subclasses. (kangaroo, sde)
  • Finally add argument checking to all wrapped plugin objects (fejj).
  • Windowless mode fixes (lewing, toshok)
  • Plugin event handling fixes (lewing)
  • Engine
    • Many clock/animation framework fixes. We now pass both animation matrix tests, and many, *many* other bugs (and regressions) have been fixed. (mdk).
    • Bug fixes in the Stroke{Collection}.HitTest and Stroke{Collection}.Bounds code (toshok, sde).
    • Namescope merging fixes (sde, jackson)
    • Parser fixes, and changes paving the way for 2.0 work (jackson)
    • Fix mouse event bubbling behavior (toshok)
  • Media
    • Big, big strides in our media framework and the various (file, http, mms) downloaders, (fejj, rolf, kangaroo, fer)
    • MMS stream selection (kangaroo)
  • Performance
    • Shape caching and bounds computation reduction (spouliot)
    • Geometry bounds work (spouliot)
    • Fast path for position updates (Canvas.Left/Canvas.Top) (toshok)
    • Improved temporary cairo surface bounds (lewing)
    • Glyph rendering speedups (fejj)
    • Resort by ZIndex as a dirty pass (toshok)
  • Silverlight 2.0
    • work is progressing. A very simple 2.0 application successfully ran. (miguel, jackson, sde).
  • Posted on 02 Jul 2008