Mono on the iPhone, video

by Miguel de Icaza

This video shows the Mono C# compiler building a sample native ObjC# application on the iPhone and then running the resulting executable on the iPhone.

Pay special attention to the beautiful error messages that our C# compiler generates.

This is using the ObjC# bindings that provide access to the Objective-C APIs from C#.

Discussion of the bindings and the Cocoa# APIs takes place in the cocoa-sharp and mono-osx mailing lists.

Update: better version, this one the typing with two hands and with some widgets on the screen and some events hooked up:

See Geoff's Norton for more details and also this one with comic included.

Of course, the iPhone is a locked platform, and chances of people being allowed to run Mono seem low.

The real question is when Android will be open enough that we can do a port of Mono to it (there is no C SDK at this point for Android).

Posted on 12 Mar 2008