Mono and .NET talk at PDC video.

by Miguel de Icaza

The PDC 2008 was a blast. It was a privilege to be able to present Mono to all of these developers.

Joseph Hill helped me prepare my presentation for the PDC. Our goal was to explore how Mono could help .NET developers, but we did not want to go down a laundry list of features, or a list of APIs, or rehash what the advanced audience at the PDC already knew.

player, pdf, pptx

The idea was to pick a couple of interesting innovations from Mono and try stitch a story together. I discussed our embeddable C# compiler (which we need to start calling "Compiler Service"), some applications of Mono in gaming, our recent SIMD extensions and using Mono on the iPhone.

As for me, I am catching up on all the sessions I missed this weekend. All of the videos and slide decks are available for free from the Microsoft PDC site, and republished in Channel9.

In the next few days I will blog in more detail about each topic.

Posted on 02 Nov 2008