Going to Copenhagen

by Miguel de Icaza

Next week I will be in Copenhagen for Unity3D's Unite conference.

Unity3D is one of the most fun users of Mono as they create IDEs for Game Developers and they are driving the adoption of Mono, C#, Boo and their own UnityScript in the gaming space.

As a newcomer into this industry, there are various sessions from actual Unity user on how they have built their games from start to finish. Other sessions include details on publishing, production (ArtPlant), Physics (Flashbang), Shader Programming (Unity), developing on the iPhone (Unity), a post-morterm on FusionFall's work for Cartoon Network and the hands-on lab.

Some cool stuff from the agenda includes a keynote participation from Atari's President.

If you want to meet up, drop me an email. I will likely be going to the Unity Mingle events at night and departing early on Friday to fly to the Microsoft PDC in LA.

Posted on 17 Oct 2008