Enterprise Library 4.0 now Open Source

by Miguel de Icaza

Hello Internets!

Some very good news: As part of the ongoing discussion on the MS Limited Permissive License, I was doing some Google searches on it and came across the Enterprise Library 4.0 release.

Enterprise Library was a project that came out of the Patterns and Practices group at Microsoft, and they had historically used licenses that were not open source friendly. This new release is now licensed under the terms of the open-source friendly MS-PL license.

In the past, various people have asked us to implement an open source version of it, so they could use those building blocks on Unix with Mono. We never had any spare cycles to look into this, so the blocks provided by Enterprise Library were always beyond Mono users.

As it turns out, since May 2008 it has been possible to use the library with Mono on non-Windows platforms.

Now all there is left to do is to package it in a convenient form.

Posted on 09 Sep 2008