MonoDevelop Support for ASP.NET MVC

by Miguel de Icaza

Michael Hutchinson blogs about how to use the recently open sourced ASP.NET MVC framework with MonoDevelop. Go from installing MonoDevelop 2.0 to your first ASP.NET MVC application 3 minutes:

There are a few very simple steps:

  • Go to Tools/Add-in Manager.
  • Click "Install Add-ins".
  • In ASP.NET select "ASP.NET MVC".
  • Install.
  • Select File/New Solution
  • Select ASP.NET MVC project.
  • Hit F5 (run) to run your first app:

This will give you basic templates and dialog boxes for solutions, views, controllers and master pages. The code uses Michael's recent implementation of the T4 engine.

Check Michael's Blog for a complete step-by-step setup.

The Add-in bundles Microsoft's recently open sourced ASP.NET MVC engine to run on top of Mono 2.4.

Kudos to Michael that created this add-in in his copious spare time. And kudos to the MonoDevelop team that created such a pleasant platform to extend.

Posted on 02 Apr 2009