Banshee and Tomboy over the weekend

by Miguel de Icaza

Over the weekend a couple of interesting post were made:

In "Fitting the Kitchen Sink into a CD" Jo from the the Debian/Ubuntu Mono developers and describes how the way they have split Mono on Debian/Ubuntu makes it so that replacing Rhytmbox with Banshee Media Player ends up consuming less space on Ubuntu's LiveCD (6 megs) and brings more features.

Nice to see that using managed code consumes less space and delivers more features. There is a heated debate on the comments as well.

Sandy Armstrong also posted an update on the desktop note-taking application Tomboy that now runs on Windows and MacOS X.

Sandy was just saying a few weeks ago that porting Tomboy to Windows brought new developers to the project. Although some people have historically been against the idea of making Linux software available on other platforms, it is nice to see day-to-day validation that by expanding the scope of our open source software to other platforms it directly improves the software in our own platform (as many predicted).

Posted on 20 Apr 2009