First MonoTouch Book is out!

by Miguel de Icaza

This was fast! Wallace B. McClure has written the first e-book on getting started with Mono on the iPhone with MonoTouch.

This is a short e-book, 42-pages in size, but it is also very cheap, it is only 6.99 USD and will help you get started in no time with MonoTouch.

Here is the table of contents:

Table of Contents

iPhone Requirements 2

Development Strategies 3

Web Development with ASP.NET 3

MonoDevelop and MonoTouch 4

Visual Studio .NET ‚ě™MonoDevelop 4

Classes in MonoTouch 4

What Is MonoTouch? 4

Namespaces and Classes 5

Introduction to Development on the Mac with MonoDevelop 6

Interface Builder 8

Outlets 10

Actions 14

Deploying to an iPhone 15

Mapping 17

MKMapView 17

The Application 18

Annotating the Map 20

Debugging 21

Interacting with Other Applications 22

UIPicker 22

NSUrl 24

UIAlertView 26

UITableView 26

DataSource 27

Binding Data to a UITableView 29

Customizing UITableView 30

Accelerometer 33

Settings 34

Things to Watch Out For 37

Resources Used 38

Posted on 03 Dec 2009